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"finally a hair transplant service
that is not just as simple as a walk but a real vacation."


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Man hair transplant

The F.U.E. transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one the safest remedies to hair loss. Technically it is a surgical treatment trichological useful hair all'infoltimento. No need to regrow hair but rinfoltirli taking them from skin areas where it is in abundance. The autotransplantation FUE consists in removing ...continua

Woman hair transplant

And 'well known how important it is for a woman, esthete and vain by definition, to feel good about herself and be sure of their own means, which is why a capillary thinning of female individuals has even more serious consequences also on a psychological level. A woman who suffers a significant loss of hair, ...continua

Beard and mustache transplant

It is a refinement of hair transplant. For this type of intervention is imperative only place one or two hairs at a time as they are carried out very precise incision. Even the post-operative phase is a transplant of the beard is very similar to what happens after a hair transplant: 2 days following the ...continua

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows transplant is a refinement of hair transplant. The cut and the placings of the grafts must be particularly meticulous. Usually hair are userd but also the arm hair or / and extracts the chest through the FUE method (follicular extraction) can be used. The doctor must place a single hair or hair at a ...continua

Hair transplant with body hair

The hair of the scalp are usually used for transplantation. Sometimes, however, patients do not have enough hair to achieve their desired result. In these cases it is possible to transplant body hairs as these are very similar to the hair structure and quality. The hairs of the body are taken using FUE technique, ...continua

Fast transplant

The ultimate solution to the problem of baldness.The transplant F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the possible remedies are sure to hair loss. Technically it is a surgical treatment trichological useful all'infoltimento hair. So no use to regrow hair, but rinfoltirli taking them from areas of the skin ...continua

Applicants with medical conditions such as ...

Trapian Capelli can provide hair transplant, during a medical vacation in Turkey, even for applicants with medical conditions such as HIV / hiv, hepatitis, or curly hair. The following images show a patient with HIV during a hair transplant with Trapian specialists.    ...continua

The FUE technique

The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplant method with direct removal of the follicular units. It consists of making a series of recordings with a cylindrical microscalpel cable, called Punch, to remove the follicular units. The bulbs are picked up from the rear and side regions of the ...continua

About us

The Trapian agency, in Istanbul, accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, offers advice, coordination and booking of medical and health tourism holiday in Istanbul with guaranteed results (will repeat the operation without incurring the costs of the intervention results in missed) with prices accessible to all. Problems such as baldness, thinning, alopecia, hair loss or even a simple receding hairline, today can be solved in one or two sessions during a short stay in Turkey. Patient satisfaction is our priority. After any needed therapies, we see before, during and after surgery. Consequently, in addition to offering quality and experience in hair transplant we guarantee a complete service. With us you can join medical needs to the pleasure of a stay abroad. ... And the hair transplant results are visible already after the first six months after surgery. This is the medical vacation that your hair were waiting for. ...continua

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